Physical Activity
We are big believers in movement in the classroom. We work to transform the way students learn most effectively, through Physical Activity initiatives that change school culture organically, one educator at a time.

Our primary goal is to spread the notion of utilizing Physical Activity in the classroom throughout schools to impact students’ academic performance while developing healthy lifelong patterns and habits in our schoolchildren.  Toward that end, we developed SES 513-940: Integrating Physical Activity into the Classroom, an online three credit graduate level course available through the University of Northern Colorado.  Offered to educators, participants gain a robust understanding of the connection between physical activity (PA) and academic performance.

UNC Active Schools Lab

Explore the University of Northern Colorado’s Active Schools Lab for research, and information on proven best practices around movement in schools.


Red Hawk Movement Toolkit

We believe the Red Hawk Movement Toolkit will inspire you and provide you the know-how to bring a movement program to life. Our program is designed to be inexpensive and doable! (more…)

Teacher Toolbox for Physical Activity Breaks in the Secondary Classroom

Teacher Toolkit highlights:

Take a Break by adding an array of physical activity breaks for students in the 6th through 12th grades to your Teacher Toolbox.

In the News

Red Hawk Movement Program wins National $100,000 Prize

The national winners of ChildObesity180’s Active Schools Acceleration Project competition were announced Wednesday afternoon in Washington.

Red Hawk Movement awarded Thriving Schools Grant

Erie’s Red Hawk Elementary recently was awarded a grant to develop an online class for teachers on incorporating more movement into the school day.

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Committed to Health and Innovation Through Education

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