Movement Activities

Our current program is designed to meet the needs of 564 students and 21 teachers. Our facility includes; two levels to our building where we use the hallways for the Red Hawk Walk, a paved basketball court area for jump rope activities and circuits, a grass area for tag games, and an open field for the Red Hawk Run and circuit activities. We use the perimeter of the playground and grass area for the Trail Run.  We hope this gives you some insight on what you could do with your student population and the space you have available.

Trail Run and Upper Field Circuit – Led by Teachers

The Trail Run and Upper Field Circuit activities are assigned on the same colored day and alternate each time the teacher is assigned that color.   For example, if your class participated on the Trail Run the first time, the next time your class will go to the Upper Field Circuit.

The Trail Run is a run around the perimeter of our playground and grassy area, 6 laps = a mile.

The Upper Field Circuit is where 4-6 cones are set up in a square or rectangle depending on how many students are participating that morning.  Each cone has an exercise written on it.  Students are divided into even groups and are assigned to a cone, once all students are at their cones they run 2 laps around the coned area and stop at their starting cone. Once students are at their starting cone they perform the exercise for about 30 secs. and on the teacher’s signal students rotate to the next cone to perform the next exercise.  Students keep rotating through each station until they’ve done all exercises once or twice depending how much time is available.

These areas are set up for the teachers in the mornings (when the weather cooperates) and an announcement is made as to where each class goes for morning movement.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate the activity is canceled and teachers need to be prepared to do classroom movement.

Fridays – All School Movement

(Playground, Field or Lawn)
Either our P.E. teacher or Red Hawk students lead vigorous movement activities for the whole school with a warm-up as students come out to the playground, with two songs that contain more intense movement that get your heart really pumping. All these moves are done on our feet including warm-up and cool-down to insure safety of our students.

Inclement weather: Classroom Movement

Classroom Movement Activities

Classroom Movement is lead by classroom teachers where they choose from many activities to keep movement fun and exciting for their students. Many teachers have found ways to make classroom movement their own that fits the needs of their students. Please see the Grade Level Classroom Resource list for ideas to get your students moving.  We’ve drawn from different exercise programs to create theses activities, see credits for details.

Outside Activities- Jump Rope and Tag Games

Jump Rope and Tag Games are assigned on the same colored day, where the activities alternate each time a teacher is assigned to theses activities. For example, if a class participated at Jump Rope the first time, the following time they are assigned that color the class will go to Tag Games.

Our P.E. Teacher and a parent volunteer/s lead these activities with the help of the teachers with supervision and motivation.

Jump Rope activities include Long and Short Rope Skills where half of the group starts at Long Ropes and the other half starts jumping with short ropes after about 5-7 mins.  the groups alternate activities.  Our awesome parent volunteers help with this activity!

Tag Games are lead by our P.E. teacher with the help of the classroom teachers.  Tag Games are chosen that are safe for large numbers of 45-60 students.  Some of the games are 10 Second Tag, High Five Tag and Color Tag.

Red Hawk Walk

There are 4-5 different stations throughout the school on each level where teachers are stationed to supervise and hand out popsicle sticks to their class. Once teachers are at their assigned stations with their students, hopefully by 9:12, the walk will start! Students follow the zero noise level before we start so they can hear the cowbell start. Students can use a level 1-2 level voice while walking. Each time students reach their teacher they get a popsicle stick, students collect them as they are walking. After completion of the Red Hawk Walk, classes can keep track of sticks individually or as a class. Classes use the popsicle stick / lap data for math lessons and for students to reach individual goals.

The goal is to see how many complete laps they can do within 15 minutes.  It’s important students powerwalk through the halls staying close to the right side of the walls unless they want to pass. We encourage small walking group, no more than three to a group. A suggestion may be to have walking partners. After 15 minutes, a cowbell will rings to finish the walk. Once the bell has rung, no more popsicle sticks should be handed out (use your discretion). Students meet their teacher back at their starting point. Go back to your class, collect sticks and data!

Consider an incentive program to keep kids motivated. For example, once a student has walked 5 miles,  15 miles and 25 miles they receive an award.

Inclement Weather:  On days when we are unable to go outside for movement, the Trail Run and Upperfield circuit are canceled, those classes that were assigned to these activities would do classroom movement.  The classes that were assigned to the Jump Rope and Tag Games would participate in activities indoors in the cafeteria and gym doing Jump Rope and Cardio activities.  The Red Hawk Walk would continue as normal.

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